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 Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Unknown Battle CDs

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Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Unknown Battle CDs Empty
PostSubject: Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Unknown Battle CDs   Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Unknown Battle CDs Icon_minitimeThu 12 Mar 2015, 10:43 pm

I heard recently from a video on youtube from Chuggaconroy that Battle CDs 51-60 are unavailable without hacking and have no known prizes. My strategy guide doesn't even speak of Battle CDs 51-60, and neither does serebii. I always thought there were 50 and when you clear all of them, you obtain 15,000 Pokecoupons, which is only done once per save file. Meaning if you'd like to obtain them again, you'd have to start the whole game over from the beginning.

Also it was a very more recent Pokémon XD video, and I believed that action replays or other hacking devices for that matter rarely worked for the gamecube as I could even barely get mine working right, and it was uploaded in May of last year. There are many videos from the older years, such as 2009, and I think that youtube started around the time Pokémon XD was coming out if I'm not mistaken, 2005, or some year like that, and it seems like the quality of the videos is getting worser and worser as time goes by. I mean this game isn't as very much fun anymore unless we get people on the boards to discuss it and to discuss plans for playing it again.
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Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Unknown Battle CDs
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