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 Frozen in Time

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Did you enjoy Frozen in Time or do you enjoy Frozen in Time now?
Yes, I have enjoyed it. It made us laugh.
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No, I didn't enjoy the movie at all.
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It was so-so. Maybe!
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I've never even heard of the movie.
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PostSubject: Frozen in Time   Thu 24 Dec 2015, 12:10 pm

Did you like Frozen in Time when it first debuted on the Cartoon Network channel last year?

I watched a whole lot of it where two children had to keep repeating the same day, as I think it was December 24, the day before Christmas, aka Christmas Eve, because they kept screwing up so Christmas would never come until they showed that they behaved. Last month around after Thanksgiving when I was thinking of watching it again because I had been so busy doing Swedish that I know that anything we watch in something we understand is already in a Germanic language, anyway I wished to watch it again because it was interesting enough.

I think those younger siblings of that older teen were silly. So what did you think of this short animated film?
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Frozen in Time
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