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 Friend and I being mistreated along with family

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PostSubject: Friend and I being mistreated along with family   Sat 07 Feb 2015, 12:03 am

My older brother Cycling Road has not been able to change his name to Cycling Road on purplesurge because they banned it for no reason. My friend Jason is at my house and he has been mistreated with me.

We have been falsely accused as the real Max. He was the one who did bad stuff like impersonate moderators and harass them and we're always falsely accused as him when it comes down to stuff. I hope this was very short and concise. Please help. This happened on serebii and the server this occurred was purplesurge.

Cycling Road, Jason, and I never do bad things.
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Friend and I being mistreated along with family
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