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 Rules : v3

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PostSubject: Rules : v3   Sat 10 Aug 2013, 4:15 pm

These rules are enforced to maintain the proper usage of this site, please obey them to avoid being banned or receiving warnings. Administration may change these at anytime so be sure to check once every month so see if we've made updates.

Forum Rules

1. Spam/flood is not tolerated.

2. Respect other users.

3. Nothing illegal. This includes torrents, phishing, and scamming.

4. Only one account per person.

5. Double posting is not accepted, there is an Edit button for a reason.

6. Keep your posts PG-13. We've got younger users on the site.

7. Try not to exceed three smilies per post.

Chatbox Rules

1. Spam or flood is never tolerated.

2. Please don't use the Chatbox to ask for help unless it is relevant to the chat topic; we have a Bug submission thread.

3. Don't ask to be a Mod or Admin, especially in chat. PM Jade, Killz, or Shell (Onno) about it.

4. Trolling isn't tolerated. Be polite. It's common sense. Debates are okay, but don't get aggressive. 

5. Don't post anything a child shouldn't see.

Staff Rules

1. Don't abuse your powers, you must have valid reasons for editing messages or dealing out punishments ready if asked for the reason of doing so.

2. You must respect all other staff, having fights doesn't make us look good at all.

3. Don't mess up stuff, Admins, Jade works too damn hard to keep **** in order.

4. Please be active, because we can't afford to have people absent without reasons.

Mr. Jade V. Anderson

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Rules : v3
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